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Letter to Peter Gwinn mid-voyage

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Letter to Peter Gwinn Mid-voyage, P 1Capt Peter Gwinn

Boston 1st November 1761

Sir – This I hope will be Delivered you by Capt Spear who Sailed from hence Last Winter with Capt Day in the Sloop the Loaded at the ( ?) for Affrica. Who We, thought when you Sailed Last from Hear, Tay ware MiSsing but Soon after you Sailed thay arrived hear from Goore, with about 70 or 80 of the primest Slaves that I Ever Saw in my life. Not One Old or Child omoungst them but Chiefly Prime Young Men & Boys, thay did Not Luse One Slave in the Voyage or had thay Even One Sick or Mangie Pearson Amoungst Thare whole Cargo, in Short thay ware So Very Likely thay Sold off Immediately at a Very high Rate for Cash Down notwithstanding Our Markett had been So Glutted before with Slaves – Inquired Very perticuleriy of the Master his Method ofManigen them & I think he gave a good & Rational Audit of the Matters, in the First place he took care to purchase None that was Anyways Aling or Sick, if Taken Sick on Board he would Sepperate them from the Rest, he fead them Chiefly upon Corn Pownded, he don’t approve of Much Rice by any Means. When Ever any Mangey or Itch pearson appeard he imediately Oynted them with Brimstone till he Kiled it for the Itch or Croccrot being Long opn them gets into thare Blood & Breads other disorders & So Runs through the Whole Cargo. Which may be Eassly prevented if taken in Time – Keeping thare Spirretts up & Exersise is good by all Means – However you have Sean So Much of the Nature of the Trade that’ I doubt Not you are a good Judge of the Matter I hope you / be able to purchase prime Slaves Chiefly this Voyage as you ware Early upon the Coast & with a good aSsorted Cargo, Shued you be So Fortunate to get well Slaved to Early to Cum to Boston, than So Carrolina & Cape Lean must be your Market agreable to your Orders !

Letter to Peter Gwinn Mid-voyage, P 2Thare is no Appearance at preasant of a Piece be June Lay your VeSsell as Seacure as you can Against French Privatear that may be Cuming Down the Coast. I have Made No Insurance yet upon your VeSsell, I Shall wait hoping to hear from you Therefore & by No Means fail wrighting me by Every Opertunity that presents by ye way of the West Indies or any other way & MiSs no Conveyance and when you wright if you have Time be Very perticular what you have Don & when you Expect to Cum off & whare bound. This Sloop I hear is cuming Directly Back to Boston & in Short Such Cargo of Slaves as he brought hear Last would Sell hear to a advantage at any Time. Capt Day had Like to have ben Cutt off by his Own Slaves Rising thay were Forst to fire in amoungst them & kild One & Wounded other before they Could Lay them If you have Grown Slaves you must be apon your Gard – you May tell Mr Leanox I have Ordered his Money paid to his Friend Agreable to his orders get in all your Old Debt & what you Can of Rand & be sure Settle as well as you Can about Charles. Keep you VeSsell Clean & your Slaves & by All Means make dispatch & Shuld you go to Carrolina Sell for Nothing but Cash & Thane make dispatch So as to be hear in good Season if you Shuld have any Slaves Left On hand – Vinyaw I have heard is a good Place to Sell Slaves but that you’l hear Better about at Charlestown – but if you are Detaind So Long As April Or May Upon ye Coast its best to Cum to Boston UnleSs Capt Spear the Barrer or Sum other VeSsell Cums Away & gets hear before you Which you must gard Against I wish you health & SucceSs & am your Friend & Owner

Timothy Fitch

P.S. When you wright to me by ye way of ye W Indies Direct me Letters to ye Care of ye within mentioned Gebt to be forwarded to me

Letter to Peter Gwinn Mid-voyage, P 3Barbados Richd. Wiltshire Engr.
Antigo MeSs MathewSon & Gunthrop
St. Christophers MeSs Hederson & Phillips
St. Eustatia Isaac Freeman
Gordalupe Boutineau & Filley
Neavis Mr John Vanderpool
St. Croix Mr James Towers
Jamaico Mr Thomas Denney
Philadelphia Mr Samuel Sert
New York Sampson Simpson
Rhode Island Mr Joseph Wanton
So Carrolina Mr John Savage
Cape Fear Capt Richard Quince

If by way of Europe to be Forwarded by MeSs Kilby Barnard & Parker Merits In London Tenneriet David Lockhart & Son

Letter to Peter Gwinn Mid-voyage, P 4

Letter reference number: P:3