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About Us

The Medford Historical Society & Museum was organized in 1896 by concerned citizens from the city of Medford. In 2013 we added “Museum” to our name to mark our organization as the city’s museum.

The original purpose of MHS was to collect and preserve the history of this historic city, to correct the myths that had grown up over the years, to build a historical library, to collect the artifacts of local history, and to celebrate historical anniversaries.

One of their first projects was to sponsor a historical festival, “On the Banks of the Mystic,” in 1896.

Shortly thereafter they started the Medford Historical Register, which appeared quarterly until 1943. This printed original research and other interesting information about the city, thus preserving a great deal of local history that would otherwise have been lost.

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First headquarters

Our first headquarters in 1896 was in an historic house built in 1800 at 2 Ashland Street, the birthplace of Lydia Maria Child in 1802, and where the famous “Medford crackers” were made. Members vacated the property in 1915, moving temporarily to rented quarters at 6 Main Street. The next year they built their present headquarters at 10 Governors Avenue in a Spanish Mission style building designed by the president of the Society, Moses W. Mann at a cost of just over $6600.

Historic Tablets

Throughout the city, bronze tablets mark historic sites in the city. They interpret the history connected with Medford’s old industries, local celebrities and culture as they were understood in the 1990s. Some recent discoveries have been made to re-frame these narratives.


In recent years, the Society has been active in cataloging and preserving our collections. We are also slowly modernizing our headquarters on Governors Avenue, which now celebrates 100 years.  We also sponsor historic bicycle tours, give presentations to school-age youth; holding regular meetings with talks on the city’s history; and continue to preserve our collection of Civil War photographs.

MHSM Bylaws and Founding Documents

Strategic Plan

MHSM created a Strategic plan in 2014 spearheaded by Susan and David Fedo. MHSM is looking toward the future for our next Strategic planning post 2022. Click here to download the 2014-2016 plan in printable PDF format.

Officers of the Society 2023-2024

John Anderson
Jay Stott
Assistant Treasurer
Will Tenney
Recording Secretary
Margaret Bowen
Corresponding Secretary
Anne Marie Gallagher
Director of Collections
Heather Champigny
Board Members at Large
Martha Reagan
Susan Gerould
Charlotte Scuderi
Liz Ammons
Office Manager
Volunteer Coordinator
Chair of Programs and Events Committee
Margaret Bowen