Laborers, Civil War
House Marker Program
Laborers, Civil War
MHSM Civil War Photo Collection

You can now access all our Civil War photos on Digital Commonwealth.

Kids Sketching the Garden
Sketching in the Garden

From the MHSM photo collection. Kids sketching in the garden ca. 1912.

Historic House Markers

Display your pride in Medford's History. Order a historical marking showing the date your house was built. Historic House Marker Program.

Slave Trade Letters

This six-year correspondence between Timothy Fitch, a Medford resident, and a ship captain of Fitch named Peter Gwinn occurred between January, 1759 and October 1765. See the letters with transcriptions.

Pitch, Tar and Tallow

In the nineteenth century, Medford's two main industries included rum-making and ship-building. Read more here.

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The mission of MHSM is to collect, preserve, and promote an inclusive understanding of Medford’s history, offering educational lectures and programs to the general public. Join us in building a shared sense of Medford’s history and rich diversity.

May 27, 2024


The Great Abolitionist: Charles Sumner and the Fight for a More Perfect Union
Speaker: Stephen Puleo, Author and Historian
Thursday, June 6 at 7:00 p.m.
Charlotte and William Bloomberg Medford Public Library
Co-Sponsored by Friends of the Medford Public Library

Historian Stephen Puleo will discuss his new book. In the tempestuous mid-19th century, as slavery consumed Congressional debate and America careened toward civil war and split apart, Charles Sumner’s voice rang strong. Where others preached compromise and moderation, he denounced slavery’s evils. Before and during the Civil War, at great personal sacrifice, Sumner was the conscience of the North and the most influential politician fighting for abolition. Throughout Reconstruction, he championed the rights of emancipated people and tried to move America toward the twin goals of abolitionism and equal rights. Sumner helped to lay the cornerstone arguments that civil rights advocates would build upon over the next century as the country strove to achieve equality among the races.
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Thanks to the Medford Arts Council for its continued support

These programs are supported in part by a grant from the Medford Arts Council, a local commission that is supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council and the City of Medford.

The Power of Truth: Early Diversity in a Medford Neighborhood, February 2024
Murder at the Harvard Medical School, April 2023
Black Heritage Trail Virtual Tour, February 2022


Our Medford,” written by Medford teacher Michael Coates is for kids and anyone interested in an illustrated introduction to Medford History.

The book began to be used in the Medford grade 3 classrooms in fall 2016.

Click here to view the book online. Printed copies are available for $20 at MHSM.  All proceeds benefit MHSM’s educational programs.

This program is supported in part by a grant from the Medford Arts Council, a local agency which is supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency.