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Correspondence mid-voyage from Timothy Fitch to Peter Gwinn

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Mid-voyage letter and Contract for Captain peter Gwinn, P 1Capt Peter Gwinn

Boston 4th June 1765

Sir I Recievrd yours of 14th Jany / Via West Indies / of Capt Bostick & Since of 6th March / Capt Millen / Via New London /1 find by that Times was Much Altred for in Jany you wrote me you had Twenty Two Slaves on Board & was Slaving Very fast + find you had but 45 on Board in March And did Not Expect to Sail till ye Latter End of May of the Begining of June, but as You have got your Shollop a gowing I hope youl Soon get fully Slaved, Millen Buried but Two Slaves & is Like to Make a good Voyage he sailed from Connecticutt the Time you Sailed from hence & am told he brought in upwards of 100 Slaves – that is good dispatch I hear Spear has ben arrived in maryland with his Slaves Sum Time & like to make a good Voyage What has detained you So Much Longer than the Rest I cant tell. If this Shuld meat You at St Eustatia I would have you be Very Careful &- take Nothing but Cash for Seavrell Bill have Lately Ben protested that Came from thence. Take Heavey Money – & make the Best of your way Home, UnleS you Can purchase a Load ofMolaSes So as Not to Weight, you May Run Over to St Martainds & Load Salt if you cant get MolaSses – Capt I Freeman will

Mid-voyage letter and Contract for Captain peter Gwinn, P 2Advise you in anything you want or Capt Phillip Lewis + those Bills you may venture to take if you Cant poSsibly get Cash Which is What I Shuld Chuse by all Means, But be Sure Trust No Body & put Nothing Out of your Own Hands & Leave No Debt behind you by any means ifMarketts Shuld by Dull for Slaves at St Eustatia & You Can dispose of them all thare sopose you go Down To Mounta Christo + Sel What you may have Left on Hand & thare purchase a Load of good White Sugars of ye Best Sort if to be hand Or a load ofmollaSses providded you can get cash + Hoops & bring Home the Rest in Money, However if you Can do but Tollorably well st St Eustatia my advise is to go No Further, Lighten Your Portage Bill as much as you can + get Rid of all the Hands you Can Spare, If you Can Sell Your Brigt I would have you do it if you Can get L400 Sterg for him as She is as prime Sailor + well fitted for a Giney Man parhaps Sumbody May buy hur for that purpose, Capt Freeman Or Lewis may tell you who wants Such a VeSsell I shall have ye Know Ready Against you get Home, be Very Carefull who you Sell to & get No Bills if you Can Any Ways avoid it + Leave no Debts behind you

Mid-voyage letter and Contract for Captain peter Gwinn, P 3be Very Carefull & Frugall in your Expences & by all Means Make good dispatch Home

I am with wishing you good succeSs-

Your Friend + Owner

Tim’0 Fitch

P.S. but this moment heard of this Conveyance + ye VeSsell. Just cuming under Sail -I would have you bring me a good Turtle of About
60 or 100-0-if to be got

Mid-voyage letter and Contract for Captain peter Gwinn, Cover

Letter reference number: P:5