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Learn more about accessing information on your house in the lecture on House Histories and Fascinating Finds.
View a video of the lecture here. Need the Handout? Download a copy of the accompanying handout in PDF format here.




An Evening at the Museum Toy Drive & Fundraiser:
A History of Medford in 5 Objects
Speakers: Kyna Hamill and Dee Morris
Wednesday, December 6, 7:00 p.m.
10 Governors Avenue

Join us and get a glimpse of Medford’s rich history through the discussion of five unique objects and images from MHSM’s collection. Medford Brewing Company will generously donate beer for those 21+ in attendance. Donation of $10 to help support the Historical Society are appreciated. Attendees are asked to bring a new toy for the Medford Family Network toy drive. Spaces are limited.
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Lizzie Borden & John Best:
Knowlton’s Trials That Gripped Boston’s South and North Shores
Speakers: Douglas Heath and Alison Simcox
Thursday, January 11, at 7:00 p.m.
Charlotte and William Bloomberg Medford Public Library

Hosea Knowlton is best known as the chief prosecutor of Lizzie Borden, whose 1893 trial for the murder of her parents created a national sensation. During his tenure as Massachusetts Attorney General, Knowlton tried more murder cases than any man who held that office. As notorious as the Borden trial was at the time, one of his last cases, the trial of John Courtney Best, also involved a horrific axe murder. In their talk, Alison Simcox and Douglas Heath will reveal the facts and bizarre circumstances of this shocking murder and you can decide whether Knowlton’s famous ability to incisively question trial witnesses and present eloquent arguments ensured that justice was served.

Alison Simcox is an environmental scientist, local historian, and author. Douglas Heath is a hydrogeologist and local historian. Alison and Douglas have co-authored five books on the history of Boston’s North Shore. Their most recent book, and first true-crime book, Murder at Breakheart Hill Farm, was released in 2020.
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The Power of Truth: Early Diversity in a Medford Neighborhood
Speaker: Dee Morris, Local Historian
Thursday, February 1, at 7:00 p.m.
Charlotte and William Bloomberg Medford Public Library

Thomas (b 1777) and Margaret (b 1781) Revalyon, free Black Bostonians, moved their family in 1828 to a new house on Cross Street in Medford. Thomas owned a popular Main Street barber salon while Margaret attended to the household. After growing up amid Yankee ship carpenters, three of their children married notable partners: Younger Margaret wed a Black abolitionist, Charlotte married a local West Indian barber, and Robert became the soul mate of Keziah Gould a Native American descended from Massasoit, the Wampanoag who befriended the early Pilgrims. Several Revalyons have found eternal rest in the Cross Street Cemetery section of Oak Grove. The story of their lives in Medford demonstrates the historical diversity of our community.
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Finding My Medford Roots
Speaker: Patricia Saunders, Local Photographer and Author
Sunday, March 10, 2:00-3:30 p.m.
MHSM, 10 Governors Avenue

Edward H. Larkin, the 10th Mayor of Medford (1927-1931), was born in Boston, MA in 1877 to Patrick and Isabelle Larkin. While working in Boston as an agent for the Railway Express at South Station, Edward met Mary Agnes Dyer who was born in Medford in 1871 to Patrick and Maria Dyer. The Larkins were Patrica Saunders maternal great grandparents and through her extensive ancestry research she was able to find relatives she never knew she had. Saunders will speak of their journey, how they lived and died, and the hardships they endured.

Patricia Saunders was born in Boston and grew up in Medford.  She was one of the founding members of the formerly known Medford Arts Center, Inc.  She is a local photographer who currently lives in Tewksbury near her children and grandchildren.  Saunders authored Medford, Then and Now (2005) and co-authored Medford Through Time (2016)
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Thanks to the Medford Arts Council for supporting MHSM in 2022-23

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Murder at the Harvard Medical School, April 2023
Black Heritage Trail Virtual Tour, February 2022