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Walking Tours

Below are available walking tours in Medford. We plan on adding more soon, so please check back!

Mapping Medford is an initiative partially funded by a grant from the Medford Arts Council, a local commission that is supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council and the City of Medford.

Medford Brick by Brick Tour

Medford Brick by Brick. The Medford Brick by Brick tour can be done by walking or cycling and examines significant brick buildings in Medford as well as one of the brick yards where they were made.

Directions for this tour can also be downloaded as a pdf.

Medford Early History – 17th and 18th Centuries

Medford Early History. This tour looks at points of interest to early Medford history from the 17th and 18th centuries.

Over the Mystic River Route

Over the Mystic River Route is a 1.7 mile walking tour by Team Medford that starts and ends at the Medford Historical Society & Museum. The walk is marked by signs throughout town with the Over the Mystic river route logo. Please note: This walking route has been developed to promote walking in our community. The route uses local streets and sidewalks. A few sidewalk sections are uneven and rough and may prove difficult for wheelchairs or walkers with other mobility challenges. Please be aware that some sections lack sidewalks. Please use good judgment while you enjoy this walking route.

The tour is also available as a pdf.

Historic Sites Tour

The Historic Sites Tour is a document created by the Royall House Association on June 18, 1960. It covers early Medford families, transportation and waterways, and industries. Notes about modern history (from the 1960’s) are also sprinkled in. Because it alludes to some changes in roads and the Mystic River, some of the locations may not exist exactly as described.

Walks and Rides in the Country Round About Boston

The book Walks and Rides in the Country Round About Boston was written by Edwin M. Bacon in 1897. Two walks for Medford begin on page 83. The first walk begins at the Royall House and moves to East Medford on the way to Welllington. The second walk covers West Medford. There is another walk for Middlesex Fells beginning on page 47.