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Capt. Peter Gwinn makes another voyage

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Captain Peter Gwinn Voyage, P 1Capt Peter Gwinn

Boston October th 1762

Sir : You having command of my Briggt- Phillis she being fully Loaded + acquipt for the Sea my orders are that you embrace the first favourable opportunity of Wind + Weather + proceed directly to the Island Deolos on the winward Coast ofAffrica. As it is now a Spanish Wan- be sure + keep clear of the Canary Islands + not go too far to Winward for fear of the Spanish Privateers – Imediately on your arrival you are to purchase as many Prime Young Slaves as you can with your Cargo among which let there be as few Females as PoSsible. Tho I would give the Preference to Girls from fourteen to twenty Years of Age rather than Old Men & Children. You must put your Carpenters on Shore Imediately at work upon your Large Boat So as to get her finished as Quick as possible in order to help Your Trade. After you have don with her I hope she will Sell for Fifteen or twenty. Prime Boy Slaves. Your other Long Boat for five + your yaul for three.

I expect you’l meet many VeSsells at the Island Deolos but as You are so well furnished with Boats + Men hope you’L be able to get Slav’d as fast as any of them by plying your Boats well – be very carefull of your Slaves by a carefull watch over them. + let them be well tended So as to keep them in good spin-its & in Health. If you have any certainty of a Peace with France + Spain. You then may proceed to St Eustatia & there sell your Cargo for anything but Cash, take no bills for fear of their being bad. & trust no body. nor Leave nothing behind You but sell in Lotts for promp Pay. you may advice with Capt Freeman, but besure put nothing out of your own Hands, your best chance will b to Sell to the French Traders that comes down from Martineco + Gordalupe – You may bring home as much MollaSses Etc as will Load your Briggt + the rest Cash. But if you are not certain of a Peace you are then to come directly to Boston with Your Slaves. Lighten your Portage Bill by supplying your People as much as PoSsible. + discharge all the Men you can spare as St Eustatia if you go there – Get what you can of Capt Rand & the old Debt. & inquire about Chars Wright. get what you can of Mr. Cleavland for him-

Your Cargo is one third more in value than the Last Votage. + by amoderate calculation sufficient to Purchase One hundred + twenty Prime Slaves, if well managed. You must be more carefull in getting good Slaves than the Last Voyage ~ Your Wages is three pounds ten Shillings Stay per Month, Four Slaves Priviledge & four per cent on the Sales of the Slaves, which is all you are to have. Your Mate Mr Gipson’s Wages three pounds Starling per month & two Slaves if he can purchase them, Mr RoSs + the Carpenter, each one small slave. But mind your own nor there Slaves are no more than equal with the Cargo & not all Boys –

Notwithstanding what is mentioned before, you have Liberty to go to the West Indies in Case the Wan- shall continue. + think it moSt adv is able if a Warr to go to Martinico. + there apply to my Friends MeSs Aquart & Dumas Merchts at Martinico who will advise & aSsist you – make dispatch when there & sell to the best advantage. + you may purchase a

Captain Peter Gwinn Voyage, P 2Load of MollaSses. Coffee. Cocoa +c. if reasonable. + the remainder bring home in Cash_I shall write you there + Lodge Letters with MeSsrs Aquart & Dumas for your Government. + Likewise to St.- Eustatia in Case of a Peace.

Endeavor to come off the Coast with Some Shipp of Force, if you go to the West Indies. Your Commissions is Six PC C’4 of the Amount of the Neat proceeds of the Sail of the Slaves in the West Indies, which is all the advantage you are to have during the Whole Voyage – write me by all opportunitys for my Government in making Insirance + be very perticular -1 am wishing you a Good Voage & safe Return -—

Your Friend & Owner

Timothy Fitch

Letter reference number: P:4