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Correspondence mid-voyage from Timothy Fitch to Peter Gwinn (to Surinam)

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Correspondence mid-voyage, P 1Capt Peter Gwinn

Boston November 1st 1765


This I hope will meet You safe arrived on the Coast & as You was early & had a good aSsorted Cargo I hope you have met with good succeSs. You have had three months Start of Mr Boylston’s VeSsell & hope but fiew or no VeSsells was upon the Coast whan You arrived, if so I make no doubt you’l have sold most or all You Cargo by the Time You receive this & your buSineSs so far finished as Soon to leave the Coast, for You must consider this Shooner has a good aSsorted Cargo for the Coast, everykind of Article that you carried- it willbe best for You to dispose of all You’l have upon hand as Quick as PoSsible after this VeSsel’s arrival –

Capt. mgraham sail’d’for Surinam 19th October. I hope you’l be with him by February – You’l obsarve to keep it as private as poSsible when You come upon the Coast of Surinam & send your Mate up in Your Boat to enquire for Capt. mgrham & John Welch- Your Mate when asked at the Fort or by any body else must say You are from Medira, Tennerief or Fyal – when Ingraham comes down to you you must be Sure you run no reque in delivring the Slaves, if you find any manner of resque go diretly away to St Croix & sell for Cash & the very best sugars but beSure the Sugar is the very best in Quality & by no means take any ordinary or common Sugar it will not sell here for any thing but hope you’l be able to sell all at Surinam for good Bills & So go & Load

Correspondence mid-voyage, P 2Salt at S Martins as mentioned in Your Orders -1 refer You to your orders & only would remind You to be very careful in all you do – Write me by all opportunitys & make dispatch -1 wish you good SucceSs & am

Your Friend & Owner

Timothy Fitch

Tim Fitch

to Capt Gwinn

Nov 1765

Letter reference number: P:9