You’re invited to join the Medford Historical Society!

Fall Gala

The third annual MHS Gala
featured the theme “Blast from Medford’s Past: the
50s, 60s and 70s”

Since 1896, The Medford Historical Society has worked to preserve Medford’s history and important historical artifacts. The Society is a tax-exempt, private organization dedicated to our local and national history. All memberships are tax-exempt and run annually with renewal in January (by-laws Article II).

The Society operates a museum at its headquarters at 10 Governors Avenue and owns the oldest brick house in America known as the Peter Tufts House located at 350 Riverside Avenue.

The Historical Society serves as an educational and historical resource for its members, the Medford educational community and those wishing to appreciate local and national, historical documents and artifacts. The Society sponsors historical exhibits, events and lectures in addition to being an advocate for the preservation of historic buildings and landscapes.

Members are admitted free to the museum at 10 Governors Avenue in Medford and receive invitations to annual events, exhibits and lectures.

Membership Application

Fill out and mail this printable membership application in pdf format.


If you’d like to make a contribution to the Medford Historical Society, please use our
printable donation form in pdf format.

Medford Historical Society | 10 Governors Avenue | Medford, Massachusetts | 02155